Student Essentials 


**Please note that some of our policies have been updated to comply with CDC Guidelines as well as those set forth in the Restore Illinois - Licensed Day Care Guidance. Click to see our COVID-19 Updates page.


What to Wear:
What does the well-dressed child wear to preschool or kindergarten? "In fashion" means washable clothes—preferably comfortable, sturdy play clothes. Painting, gluing, mud, etc., are always available here at All Aboard…Learning Express, Inc., and whether you wash with Tide, All, or Wisk, some paint colors just won't wash out. To decide if your child is "in fashion" or appropriately dressed, before leaving home ask yourself "Will I be upset if he/she comes home with dirt, paint, or chocolate pudding on this outfit?" If the answer is yes, please change to more appropriate clothing.

Clothing that is easy to manage encourages independence and promotes self-help skills. Many toilet accidents are prevented if children can unbutton or unbuckle pants and belts without a struggle.

All jackets, sweaters, coats, hats, boots, and umbrellas must be clearly marked with the child's name. Many children wear identical clothing and without a name in each garment, it is almost impossible for teachers to identify to whom it belongs. If you send a hat, gloves, etc. with your child, we will have them wear the item when going outside. Please do not leave plastic bags on hooks as a safety concern.


What to Bring (and What not to Bring):

  • A change of clothes: pants, shirt (or dress), socks, shoes, and underwear. Your child's name must be clearly labeled on each item. 
  • Toothbrush and toothpaste. (Replenished every 3 months.) Electronic toothbrushes are not allowed.
  • Show and Share: Each teacher will decide on a special day when children are allowed to bring an appropriate toy, book, or game to share with their classmates.
  • Birthdays:
  • NO toys of violent nature will be allowed.
  • Gym shoes must be worn at all times. Sandals, boots, and dress up shoes are not acceptable safety wear.