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Our daily program is devoted to both the needs and the interests of the individual child and the group. We feel that the children of the age group we are teaching should have a relaxed program with as much freedom as possible in his/her daily schedule. Our programs are purposely flexible so each child works and plays at his/her own pace. He/she has many choices of activities within the environment planned for his/her age group. Each phase of our program is planned with an objective in mind.

Our objectives are:

  1. To provide quality developmental care for each child in our program by aiding the child in discovering a sense of his/her own self-worth and knowing that his/her ideas and feelings are important.

  2. To surround the child with staff members of integrity and imagination. Each has a genuine concern for and sensitivity towards all children.

  3. To provide a learning environment for every age group, thus encouraging maximum growth of the whole child. We offer a planned education program for children aged 15 months–6, using a thematic approach. Art, Music, Dramatics, Science, Literature, Language, Math Concepts, Spanish, Yoga, Motor Development and laughter play a major role in our daily program.

Classroom activities are balanced between outdoor "free play" and supervised learning centers, designed to stimulate and challenge the young minds and bodies.










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