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*Please note that some of our policies have been updated to comply with CDC and DCFS guidelines. Click to see our COVID-19 Updates page.

1. All Aboard…Learning Express, Inc. is licensed by the Department of Child and Family Services. DCFS requires that all children enrolled at our early childcare facility must be at least fifteen months old.

Between 7:00 a.m. – 9:00 a.m. Late arrival may result in your child missing out on that day's art project and participating in all of the scheduled activities. They are marked tardy for the da

No allowance shall be made for occasional absences in the preschool, pre-kindergarten, or kindergarten program.

If any child, in any program withdraws prior to the end of its completion, they will lose their security deposit. The security deposit is applied to the last two weeks of the program. Withdrawal from the program must be in writing. You are still responsible for payment through your child's last day of attendance and/or until written notice is received.

All Aboard…Learning Express, Inc. makes every effort to keep our tuition costs as low as possible while maintaining the highest level of quality. Fundraisers help us maintain these high standards at our school. Families are required to participate in a fundraiser each year and to raise a minimum amount towards our goal. Families who do not participate will be subject to a tuition increase that is equivalent to the family goal. Your support is greatly needed and much appreciated. The current required family goal is set at a $50.00 profit to our school for each enrolled child.

Payments are due Friday and are considered late after Monday. If tuition is turned in late, families will be responsible to pay the $10 late fee. If no payment is received within one week, your child's attendance may be interrupted until full payment is made.

Occasionally a child will experience difficulty in adjusting to a school setting and/or abiding by certain rules of behavior in the classroom. If the child is experiencing some difficulty, you will be notified and a conference will be scheduled. We will work closely with you to see if the problem can be resolved. As a last resort, we reserve the right to ask you to withdraw your child from our program.

Our hours of operation are 7:00 AM–6:00 PM. At 6:06 PM you will be charged a $10.00 fee and a dollar every minute after that.

Days closed during the year are as follows:
Labor Day: closed.
Thanksgiving and the day after: closed.
Winter Review: dates to be announced.
Christmas Eve and Christmas Day: closed.
New Year's Eve 
and New Year's Day: closed
Martin Luther King Day –closed
Good Friday: closed
Spring Review: dates to be announced
Memorial Day: closed.
Independence Day: closed

*These holidays are not deducted from weekly payments. 

If a scheduled closing day falls on a Saturday or a Sunday, then our program observes a day off on the following Monday. 

The last day of the school year and our annual block party will be held on a Friday in June. There is no school on the day of the block party. Parent/Guardian supervision is required at the block party. Summer camp starts immediately on the following Monday. 



All Aboard...Learning Express, Inc. does not promote or consent for their employees to provide care and/or employ themselves with outside babysitting/care or taking jobs for families enrolled at All Aboard...Learning Express, Inc. 



AALE does permit students to bring water bottles into their classrooms. The perfect water bottle should be labeled with your child's name, leak-proof, unbreakable, and safe. The water bottle must also have a type of flip-open top. For safety reasons, no one-time use water bottles with disposable caps are allowed. The water bottle must contain water and water only. Water bottles must be taken home on a daily basis to be sterilized. 


It is important that every parent cooperates fully with the school health program. Our regulations are designed to protect the well being of all children and to guard against avoidable absences for health reasons. When there are symptoms of illness or other indications that a child is not well enough for group activities, arrangements must be made for his/her care at home. All Aboard…Learning Express, Inc. has no provisions for the care of children who are ill. Proper care at the beginning of an illness can often shorten its duration.

Exposure to communicable diseases, infectious illnesses, or other ill family members should be promptly reported so that the teachers may be alerted to early symptoms. By the same token, the teachers will notify each parent when a child has been exposed to an infectious disease. Prescribed and "over the counter" medicine will only be administered if a parent signs a consent form, and a note from a doctor is presented.

Getting Sick at the Center: Whenever a child becomes ill, the parents will be notified right away. The sick child will be isolated from the rest of the children and wait for the parents to pick him/her up.


Symptoms that indicate possible disease or infection may include:
Unusual Behavior -crying for no apparent reason, a placid child becomes very active, the energetic child becomes listless, the happy child becomes cranky, or the child is just not himself/herself.

Changes in Skin Color or Texture: Skin may look red, pale or yellow, may have unusual spots or rashes, or may itch. The whites of the eyes may be red or yellow, or may begin to tear, or discharge from the eyes.

Respiratory Difficulties: Green or yellow discharge from the nose usually indicates infection. Sniffles, stuffy nose, coughing, or wheezing indicate that something is wrong.

Intestinal Disturbance: Diarrhea or loose stool, change in frequency of bowel movements or an unusual color or odor may be indicators of a problem. After two (2) loose stools, the parent is called and notified of the problem. After the third loose stool the child is isolated to wait for the parents to pick him/her up. The child must have a "normal" or solid stool before returning to school.

Rash: Any undiagnosed rash.

Eyes and/or Ears: Any sore or discharging from eyes or ears. Eyes that are crusty or red in appearance.

Lice: Small, flat, wingless insects that live on the scalp. It is highly contagious. Therefore, the child must be nit free before returning to school. 


When a child has been absent for a simple cold, he/she may be re-admitted to school with the approval of the director. Following an illness accompanied by a rise in temperature, a child must be excluded from school and fever free for 24 hours before returning to school.

A child will be sent home when the illness requires more care than the staff can provide without compromising the needs of the other children in the group.

A doctor's note stating safe return to school and a diagnosis will be required for contagious diseases such as, but not limited to, the following:

  • chicken pox
  • strep infection
  • any rash
  • conjunctivitis
  • impetigo


Medical Form: In the best interest of your child's health and the health of all children enrolled at our school, you are required to submit your child's current medical immunization forms prior to his/her first day at school. These forms must be updated yearly in compliance with the state. In addition to yearly vaccines mandated by the State of Illinois Department of Health, a lead test with a lead level result, a TB test, and a chicken pox vaccine must be included and on file prior to your child's first day of school. Doctor's waivers will not be accepted. All medicals must be signed (not stamped) by your child's doctor.



Medical: Included in the registration paperwork is the child's profile. We want to make certain that your child is protected. If your child is injured, our first step is to administer first aid, if necessary. Next, we will contact emergency contacts listed on your child's emergency card. In the event your child requires immediate medical attention, we reserve the right to take your child to the nearest hospital before contacting you. If a child cannot receive medical attention due to religious reasons, parents should list who should be called instead of a doctor. Parent's insurance information needs to be on file.

Dietary Restrictions: The safety and education of our students at AALE are our top priority. Due to the high volume of children with certain food allergies, religious diets, and/or dietary restrictions, AALE is a nut free facility which limits outside food items from being brought into the building. 

Fire and Natural Disaster: Our center has special procedures set up to deal with emergencies such as, fire and natural disasters. Our center is inspected on a regular basis by the City Fire Inspector. Fire and tornado drills are held regularly and a log book is kept. During severe weather a constant check is kept for emergency information.

Change of Address or Phone Number: It is very important that we have your correct address and phone numbers. In case of an accident or illness, we need to be able to contact you at home or at your place of employment. Please notify the administration/office of any changes when they occur.

Questions or Concerns You May Have: When questions and concerns arise, please feel free to call the school office. If the school is closed, or if we are on another call you will be directed to our voicemail. Please leave a message and we will return your call as soon as possible. In addition, each room has a mailbox in which you can leave a note for your child's teacher.

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